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Simplicity in Promoting Disc Golf!

Results: On Time, Online, On the Course!

Promoting the Sport ….


Are you addicted to disc golf?  Passionate about the game?  Dream of flight paths and that “perfect round”?   What is it about disc golf that brings such an addiction and love so quickly, and to so many?  We believe it evolves from a unique blend of human competitive spirit combined with the love for the great outdoors.  Then, the sharing the pure and simple joys of the sport with others!

Our goal is to expand these qualities via online results and competitions so they may be shared even further that others may become enlightened and involved with this game!

We invite, and hope,  you’ll join us on this journey!

Check out these cool features…..

Only available via Total DG Solutions….

Tournament Advertising

  • List and advertise your event months in advance
  • Increase tournament paerticipation

Online Registration

  • Offer players online registration
  • Avoid third-party sites that may bill as percentage of registration fees

Player Database

  • Track player stats
  • Avoid player name duplication
  • Issue club player identification numbers

Online Results

  • Tournament directors may enter results online
  • Results may be edited online as well
  • All data immediately available for players to view




Leagues / Points Series

  • Make your weekly mini a league
  • Connect your major tournaments as a points series of events
  • Increase competition and have everything, tournament results and point totals online, therefore effectively communicating results, standings, and future events to your players
  • Doubles events may be included within leagues or points series


  • Doubles events are possible

Global Preferences

  • Season start and end dates
  • Divisions offered
  • Point allocation for participation, players beaten, and divisional wins
  • Results editing time period



Site Examples!

There’s been plenty of beta testing on both Tupelo Disc Golf Leagues and Mississippi Disc Golf sites.

Both example sites were created and maintained under the administration of Total DG Solutions and show the flexibility and many features our database program offers disc golf  clubs and promoters.

Is your club still using Google Spreadsheets, Facebook, Excel, or PDF’s to record and communicate tournament results?  

Total DG Solutions offers an easier and more useful means to handle this data.  While most players work on their “game”, we’ve been working towards communicating disc golf results and advertising.  While our “game” has digressed, our goal of offering clubs a means to easily communicate events details via the web is as focused as ever!

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