Total DG Solutions

Tournament Scoring resources for disc golf!

This is a short introduction to the features and purpose of the Total Disc Golf Solutions tournament event scoring system. If you're a first time visitor please take a moment and zip through this intro, then dive in and enjoy the benefits our system uniquely offers the sport of disc golf!

Event Data Online

Forget Google docs, pdf, or waiting on your "web guru" to upload tournament scores. We offer clubs and tournament directors direct access to posting tournament info online

Advertise Events

Announce your tournament online months in advance. Create your event and post it online yourself without some "web guru" to do it whenever he gets around to it. Not sure of all the details just yet? No problem! Edit and add those details when they're all figured out!

Post Scores

Don't wait days or even weeks to get results online.

Post results immediately. Either manually online or via the TotalDGSolutions excel spreadsheet. You can post scores minutes after the tournament, or even after each round if you'd like!

Offer Leagues

Connect your tournaments!

Increase participation of your events by connecting them to offer an overall series champion. Whether it be weekly mini's or a major tournament series, your events can now be "connected" for league-type play!

Points Race

Solidify your tournament offerings with the TotalDGSolutions points system!

All players receive points for participating in events. The better they play, the more points they receive. Players want to participate to gather more points! Crown an overall annual champion in each division to make your club's tournaments special!

The coolest features of Total DG Solutions points system is that leagues and tournament series also offer points competitions within the overall points series!

TD Control

No more waiting!

From here on out, the only reason your events aren't advertised or results posted is your own procrastination! You're in control.

Need to edit something? Do it online immediately! You're in complete control without some web administrator's involvement or procrastination.

You run the events and leave the online scoring details to Total DG Solutions!

Kick back and Promote!

Thank you!

You're the TD and the sport would not be flourishing without your volunteerism and leadership at the local level

Yes, it can sometimes be a thankless job but we want you to know you're appreciated! The Total DG Solutions tournament system was created with you, the TD, in mind! We hope it brings greater awareness to the sport and your life becomes a bit less hectic around tournament time!

Get Started!

All the above features are available. Right now. Right here!

Document and communicate your club's events. It's that perfect program you've been waiting for so long! It's time has come!

Register with the site and request your tournament directors permissions today!

Overall Tournament Director Solutions

Have we gotten your attention? Is it frustrating to post the details of your tournament online? How about posting results? Have you struggled converting spreadsheets to pdf's and uploading them for club members to view? Do you sanction just to have scores posted online? Are all your events worthy of sanctioning? There's plenty going on after a tournament and you've worked hard for days. Staying awake to get scores posted just isn't high on your priorities after its over, right?

Having directed tournaments for years I struggled with the challenge of how to best advertise and post results online. With a passion for the sport, along with a love of web development, I was sure there was a better way to communicate tournament data rather than how most club's generally had been accomplished it!

Total DG Solutions is my answer to these frustrations!

The ultimate goal of Total DG Solutions is to bring awareness and events to the sport of disc golf to areas where tournaments, leagues, and points series are far and few between. Our system allows clubs, schools, churches, sports organizations, and park and recreation departments to offer competitive disc golf events to the public. Whether you're in the big city or in the backwoods, if you've got an internet connection, you've got access to offering online tournament scoring for your area.

We feel this system can go a long way towards the sport's promotions. We'll do our part and you're now supplies with the resources to do your part! Step up and run a tournament ... and promote disc golf!

Coming soon!

Total DG Solutions will be seeking interested tournament directors for beta testing of the system in the Fall of 2014. 2014 - tupelo, mississippi